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Tel: 07896 123649

Tel: 07581 188671

Tel: 01332 232895

Tel: 020 7393 1124
E-mail: f.david@outlook.com

We are a professional sound recordists and are recording various artists. We are promoting their songs on radio stations all over the world and releasing them on Itunes.



Vocalists do you want to record a professional Demo without the expense?

Parents would you like to hear what your child sound like on CD?


For a minimum 3 hour session for a fee of £100 our engineers will record you, mix and master the recording, provide backing tracks and a mastered copy onto CD. After 3 hours we only charge £25 per hour.


We can convert and restore old vinyl LP, 45 or 78 records into digitally enhanced song files and audio CD. Our great prices vary according to what is required. Please enquire.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services and to show you around our studios.


Contact us on 07581 188671 or use our contact form.


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